Videography and Motion Design

Is the best way to get the attention of your audience!
I’m Tom and I love all things video (videography). I actually love shooting and editing and I get my biggest buzz helping businesses take their game to the next level. The only way I know how to do this is (luckily for me) the best way to do it! Use video and motion design to speak to your audience and grow your brand. Video knows people…and what’s more…people know video. We LOVE it!

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Social and video are made for each other

My experience with visual communications and the production process works well when merged with strong marketing knowledge. This is what really helps brands to grow and build stronger relationships. It can inform on new projects and products and most importantly, it can offer a reliable and transparent platform for strong relationships to flourish.

It’s what I do

I can Build Lasting Relationships Between your brand and your audience!

Since 2012 I have been helping businesses and brands of all sizes get into video and connect more with their audience. Since then I have developed and grown and now we are a small team of creatives. (That’s me on the right and my creative friend Adam on the left…he is a designer). 

As a video production and marketing brand, we focus on the simple core messages you need to share to attract the attention of your audience.


From short form to feature length, we can help share your story and connect with customers.

Motion design

We create tailored motion graphic content for creative messaging and highly engaging video content.


We get social, and we get marketing. These two areas can drive campaigns and grow your followers.
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Some of my lovely clients

Connect more with your audience and build lasting and memorable relationships that matter.

Forget business to business or business to consumer; it’s all human to human. We all love video content. We all give our time to consume video on our devices. It’s the landscape that matters most.

Start your video journey and discover your play button.

Discover your play button

Call me – 07511523333

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So if you have any questions or would like to begin your video journey then please get in touch. I would love to hear from you.
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